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    Snow Monkey


    Snow Monkey

    Post by MGC Snow Monkey on Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:59 am

    Hi everyone most of you know me as the 1 captain of Delirium. I am 15 and live in England. I have been in many clans such as FGC, FTG, KSI and FDS. My old tags have been MGC Monkey07900, MGC Soul Reaper, FGC Snow Monkey and FTG BloodMonkey. I am on both the news team and the graphics team so please have a look at my gallery or my blank sigs in the sig request topic and I will be happy to edit any sig for you. If you want to talk my gamertag is either MGC Snow Monkey or DisturbedM0nkey so add me up and I hope all of you enjoy our great gaming community.

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